Inga Larson

As an entrepreneur, sometimes I feel like I am in this alone. However, working with Jeff was so helpful! Before working with him, I had a good idea of where I wanted to go with my business, and Jeff helped me to get all my thoughts and plans organized so now I feel like I am ready to move forward in my business. This work with Jeff has been invaluable!


  • ​Reschedules are ok, we appreciate the advance notice.  However, please do not no-show on me.  You will not be allowed to reschedule if you no-show.  Thanks, in advance, for your courtesy.
  • ​Quiet Spot:  Please try to be in a quiet spot for the call.  It will be more productive for both of us if we are not distracted.
  • ​I'll call you at the number you entered into the calendar at the time of our appointment
  • ​What's Broken?  Be thinking about what your NUMBER ONE challenge or barrier is that you desperately want to fix.  In other words, bring to the call what you REALLY want to accomplish or transform in your business and/or life.

Please watch this personal video

prior to getting on our call. 

I want you know who I am and what I'm about.  I will also tell you about process and why I KNOW that I can help you grow your business without working more hours (When we are done, most of my clients work fewer hours).

Kelley Jo Hayes

I have been a business owner for years, but my new venture has proven challenging in new ways. Jeff has helped me understand new trends and tools and how to use them in today's market and in a new field of business. Jeff is good communicator and has made learning comfortable while challenging.Thank you Jeff!

Fairway Business Advisors 

Christy Jones

My experience working with Jeff improved my leadership skills because he was a advocate for continued learning. He pushed me to read business articles, understand what has worked and not worked for other business leaders, discuss outcomes, and think about the business strategically. He didn't allow me to get mired in details, instead he helped me to focus on broader outcomes and different approaches to achieve a desired outcome. This in combination with building trust and relationships with colleagues and business partners, helped me in my career journey. I have the upmost respect for Jeff as a leader and business coach.

Kimberly Braun

Working with Jeff was a great experience and exactly what I needed to keep my train going down the track. Things seemed confusing and scary at first but he explained them to me and gave me advice of how to tackle each step so that I was able to follow my dream of being an independent business owner. He was always available and made getting back to me a priority. I am extremely grateful and it was a worthy investment in my future.