Are your operations less efficient than you think they should be?  Do you produce a lot of scrap?

Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise just might provide the answers.  We can help you improve Flow and reduce the 7 Deadly Wastes.  Contact us today for your no-cost introductory consultation. 

If your business is doing well and you need capacity or you want to take a big leap in sales,  purchasing an existing business might be the answer.  We can assist with the planning, valuation and negotiation process.  We have "been there, done that" and we will help you be successful, or advise you to walk away from the deal.

Leadership Coaching

Acquisition Support


​​​If your profitability is not where you want it, a thorough financial analysis is a great place to start.  This can identify excessive costs or thin margins that lead the way to Lean process improvement opportunities.  We have the expertise to coach you through the process.  Most people think financial statements give us answers.  The reality is they give us questions that need to be answered.  Well-designed statements can make your job much easier. 

Process Improvements

Let us work with you to look critically at the important processes in your operation.  We will teach you how to watch, look and listen to find weaknesses & constraints. Then, we will help you create  preventive/corrective actions and support you through the implementation.  You will then be the process improvement "wizard" from whom you team will learn.  Don't wait any longer to make your operation more efficient and less error-prone.

​When your business is under-performing, do you know the root cause of the problem?  It's your leadership (or lack thereof).  Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it's true.  An organization can only for as far as the leaders' ability to take it somewhere.  Don't put an artificial cap on your company's growth.  Let us dig into your leadership process with you and help you understand where you can do better.  From there, you can teach your team to make the same changes.  Together, we'll make your business a well-oiled machine.

Strategic Planning

Financial Analysis

Lean Enterprise

Do you know, inherently, where the company needs to go but cannot put it into a format that will help you communicate it to your team? 

We will "pick your brain" and help you create a written strategic plan that will lead to the tactical action lists needed to help your team implement your vision.

Let us help you level-up your business results.

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