​​​When businesses are small, owners typically either do their own book-keeping or hire/outsource the process.  This works for a while, but when challenging business decisions need to be made and experienced financial advice is needed, to whom can you turn?  You can't afford a CFO @ $120,000 per year.  We have the solution to that:  Hire us on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis to be that financial counsellor that you need.  Get CFO-level advise at a fraction of the cost.  You WIN!

In order to optimize the business for profitability, the entire business will need to be reviewed to ensure that processes and controls are in place to allow for SCALABILITY.  In addition to Finance, we have a deep background in operations in both manufacturing and service-oriented business environments.  We can help you create effective, efficient processes that will grow with your business.  Together, we will have our business rocking!

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Thought Partnership

Fairway Business Advisors 

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​​​Making business decisions is a challenging thing.  The more quality, timely data you have, the better decisions you will be able to make.  Remember:  All Business Decisions are also Financial Decisions.  Your book-keeper likely is issuing monthly reports using canned accounting software reports (if you get reports at all).  Get the reports properly formatted to give you the Business Information that you need to grow your business.

Cash Flow Management

Businesses don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan.  Whether you are in need of creating an annual budget process or a full-blown strategic plan, let us help you get your planning process right so that all you need to do is lead your team in its execution.

​When your business is under-performing, do you know the root cause of the problem?  It's your leadership (or lack thereof).  Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it's true.  An organization can only go as far as the leaders' ability to take it somewhere.  Don't put an artificial cap on your company's growth.  Let us dig into your leadership and find out where the holes are.  Together, we'll make your business a well-oiled machine.

Many business owners/executives that we meet are bound and determined to grow their sales.  They truly believe that this will solve their business problems.  However, growing sales without having the proper operational infrastructure in place will be more likely to destroy the business than solve its problems.  Let us help you optimize your business to earn the most from every dollar of sales.

Whether you are looking to grow your business by acquiring another business or have reached the time to exit your business, it's critical to have an expert in your corner.  No matter if you are buying or selling, establishing a proper value for the target business or your business is important.  We have been doing this for many years and can advise you on value as well as the Due Diligence process so you don't wind up on the wrong end of the deal.

M & A Support

Talent optimization is a four-part organizational framework you can use to empower your people to carry out your business strategy—and achieve optimal results.

Talent optimization is Moneyball for business. Use objective, scientific people data to gain next-level insights into your talent and set them up for success.  Hard-wire your Teams to Execute!

Strategic Planning

Executive Coaching

Profit Optimization

Cash is the life blood of your business.  Many companies have all the business they can handle, but never seem to have enough cash to do the things they need to do.  There is an old phrase:  Revenue is Vanity, Profits are Sanity, Cash is King.  Truer words were never spoken.  If you are struggling to implement this truth, we can absolutely help you.  Contact us today for a complementary session to see if we are a good fit to work together.

20 + Leads per Week

Financial Reporting

Talent Optimization

It's lonely at the top.  In small and medium sized businesses, there typically isn't a large management team for the owner to bounce ideas with.  Sure, there are great people in your organization, but you are their boss.  They likely won't challenge you strongly.  That's where connecting with another seasoned veteran comes in handy; especially when it comes to financial matters.  Let us be your Thought Partner on matters of importance.

Accounting Oversight

Operations Support